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No New Posts Important Information
Here, you will find all of the information necessary to understanding the universe. Please, make sure to read all of the information.


Subforums: Species

7 9 Jan 18 2016, 08:44 PM
In: Plot
By: Mystic
No New Posts Announcements
Here you will find new happenings, upcoming group plots, announcements, spotlight nominees and their past winners.


Subforums: Spotlight

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No New Posts Additional Informaiton
Here you will find a detailed list of what characters belong to what groups as well as any other additional information.

OrganizationsMapCharacter Directory

Subforums: Organizations

7 9 Nov 15 2016, 10:53 AM
In: Government Agencies
By: Mystic

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No New Posts Applying
This is where you'll find the templates to create your character. We ask that you wait until your application has been approved before making claims or posting on the board.


2 1 Feb 16 2017, 10:19 PM
In: Maeve Gallagher | WIP
By: Maeve Gallagher
No New Posts Claims
Once your application has been approved, please come here to make the claims to your character. Face claims, who plays who, and any relationships your character might find themselves in.

Face ClaimWho's WhoJob ClaimRelation ClaimBoard Request

5 14 Feb 15 2017, 11:39 PM
In: Face Claim
By: Maeve Gallagher
No New Posts The Roster
All completed applications are stored here.

Subforums: Draugr, Humans, Hunters, Skinwalkers, Therianthropes, Witches, Hiatus

39 39 Jan 28 2017, 08:57 PM
In: Quinlan Sousa
By: Mystic

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No New Posts Plot Pages
Here's where you'll find the plot pages of all out members. One plot page per member please.

OOC Plotting

Subforums: Hiatus, OOC Plotting

10 174 Jan 30 2017, 09:12 PM
In: Malik's Collection
By: Mystic
No New Posts Wanted Ads
Does your character have a brother, a sister, family or a lover? A group? Here's where all your wanted ads go. Guest Friendly.

7 5 Feb 15 2017, 11:35 AM
In: Angels & Kings
By: Quinlan Sousa
No New Posts Member Extras
Character iaries, writings, trackers, anything extra you'd like to have for your character, feel free to write here.

Subforums: Aeon, Mystic, Alyse, Doremi

5 6 Jun 30 2016, 11:11 AM
In: Aeon's Thought Cave
By: Ikarus Adler

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No New Posts Phones & Social Media
Whether its through phone calls, text message, instant message, instagram, facebook, twitter, skype, or even simple notes and letters. Here are fast and easy ways to stay in touch. IC ONLY.

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No New Posts Rapid Fire
Small threads. Please don't over use.
1 6 Feb 20 2017, 08:49 PM
In: Mysterious Person
By: Tyra Collins

Collapse   Central
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No New Posts Attractions
Holds some of the city's finest architectures and biggest theaters. Tourists flock to the glitzy Central area with its iconic structures, beautiful scenery, and popular festivals held at Grant Park. Historic hotels and shops are scattered around this area that draw the locals and tourists alike.

RiverwalkGrant ParkMuseum CampusCongress Plaza Hotel

Subforums: Chicago Riverwalk, Congress Plaze Hotel, Grant Park, Museum Campus

3 18 Yesterday at 09:14 pm
In: Devil In The Details
By: Dalibor Kovac
No New Posts Businesses
Central is the second largest central business district in the United States thanks to its historical position as the financial hub for the Midwest and the modern world's biggest futures market. Suit walkers fill this area working for large companies, however there are many mom & pop shops and smaller businesses that are considered gems and are on the raise in the mix of the large companies.

Confection Connections

Subforums: Confection Connection

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No New Posts Nightlife
The hottest night clubs that caters to all subcultures and age groups. Some of the clubs fuse the past, taking on speakeasy theme and held in secret locations. Celebrities have been spotted in some of the most famous clubs in this area.

The Underground

Subforums: The Underground

0 -5 Feb 1 2017, 03:54 PM
In: 50 Shades
By: Draco
No New Posts Crimson Court
Dark, brooding, fantastical; the court caters specifically to Sin and is better favored by the men and women looking to fulfill dark fantasies and indulge in pleasures otherwise not seen outside its blood-painted doors. The midnight medieval feel about the nightclub, dark-themed music, even the modeling of the facade to look like a dungeon in a castle calls to those who might want to dance with the devil for a night. To the supernatural underworld, it is a draugr den where the various needs of the race can be indulged without critique; to the public eye, it is the perfect place to forget the world’s expectations and live. Just be mindful where you lurk; the King walks these halls.

Crimson Den

Subforums: Coven Den

1 4 Feb 12 2017, 08:08 PM
In: Bad Intentions
By: Draco
No New Posts Everywhere Else
Other places within the Central district.
1 17 Feb 15 2017, 11:01 PM
In: Trick or Treat
By: Dalibor Kovac

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No New Posts Attractions
Known for its unique shopping bouquets and art galleries, northern Chicago is art meets entertainment and nature. Wrigley Field is known for its sports while Lincoln Park and Navy Pier for its beautiful festivals.

Lincoln Park ZooNavy Pier

Subforums: Lincoln Park Zoo, Navy Pier

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No New Posts Businesses
Not as strictly suit and tie as Central Chicago, this district has a lot of smaller shops and businesses that draws crowds.

Moonlight Jungles

Subforums: Moonlight Jungle

1 6 Feb 22 2017, 01:42 PM
In: Afternoon Tea
By: Castiel Voltari
No New Posts Nightlife
There are ton of clubs with one of the largest LGBT communities. The bars range from historic such as the Green Mill and smaller modern popular bars.

Green Mill LoungeVandome

Subforums: The Green Mill Lounge, Vandome

3 14 Feb 20 2017, 03:52 AM
In: In the Middle of a Dream
By: Jack Manning
No New Posts Vemon
An intoxicating nightclub owned by Anubis Lennox Anyone is allowed into the nightclub and with it's high quality liquor, mysterious atmosphere. intricate light shows and thrumming beats it's a very high class dance club. Behind the bar is the entrance to the Aaru Coven. The entrance is guarded, well monitored and only a select few beyond the coven members even know it exists. Beyond the door is a brilliant labyrinth of underground rooms including private bedrooms, a dance hall.

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No New Posts Everywhere Else
Other places within the North/Northwest side.
2 22 Yesterday at 08:59 pm
In: Diamonds in the Rough
By: Castiel Voltari

Collapse   West
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No New Posts Attractions
Chicago Bulls play on without Michael Jordan at the United Center, and Oprah Winfrey has left her residency at Harpo Studios. The Garfield Park Conservatory and large historical theaters are some of the big major attractions of Western Chicago.

Garfield Park ConservatoryChoplin Theatre

Subforums: Garfield Park Conservatory, Choplin Theatre

1 7 Feb 8 2017, 07:43 PM
In: Peace
By: Salem Frantil
No New Posts Businesses
Smaller businesses such as boutiques, cultural restaurants and dives that would leave your mouth watering.

Nevermore LoungeCrescent GlassIllumination

Subforums: Nevermore Lounge, Crescent Glass, Illuminations

2 8 Feb 10 2017, 03:37 PM
In: Lies and Truths
By: Aya Murakabe
No New Posts Nightlife
Most of West Chicago's nightlife is in notorious Wicker Park and Bucktown. Music venues and bars with crafty cocktails populate this area.

Subforums: Coronation

1 4 Feb 15 2017, 07:08 PM
In: Give Me The Dreams
By: Quinlan Sousa
No New Posts Leone Manor
The main base of operations for the mafia take place on the ground floor of Neo's mansion. Only the most trusted have a key and the rest are invited by invitation only. The opulent rooms are divided into a dining hall, conference room, lounge and bar. The upper floors are locked with steel doors and are never opened to the public. The Grounds and Gardens surrounding the home are open to the public, but most who linger want to catch an audience with Neo... for one reason or another.

1 7 Feb 20 2017, 10:30 PM
In: My Eyes Flicker
By: Dillian Ramos
No New Posts Everywhere Else
Other places within West side.
1 6 Feb 13 2017, 09:08 PM
In: Chasing Ghosts
By: Tristian Bedeau

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No New Posts Everywhere Else
Other places within South/Southwest/Far South side.
1 3 Feb 14 2017, 02:40 PM
In: Running Down Memories
By: Yuri Petrenko
No New Posts Attractions
The largest section of Chicago, the Southern district is the home of Chicago University and a lot of historical homes such as the Obama House. It also has Midway Airport, Union Stock Yard, and Given's Castle which is considered a little slice of Ireland in Chicago.There are numerous museums and art galleries.

University of ChicagoOak Woods Cemetery

Subforums: University of Chicago, Oak Woods Cemetery

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No New Posts Businesses
The Southern part has a wide variety from businesses that range from industrial to smaller shops, numerous ethnically encaved restaurants and cafes. It is one of the most diverse business industries in Chicago.

Red Rhine Armory

Subforums: Red Rhine Armory

1 17 Feb 22 2017, 04:55 PM
In: The Clouds Are Gonna Let Up
By: Kieon Gray
No New Posts Nightlife
A lot of smaller bars fill this area, however large breweries such as Bev Art Brewer and Winemaker Supply offer Prohibition-style experience for those wanting to get deeper into Chicago history along with smaller venues that suites everyone's needs.

Velvet RosePanic Room

Subforums: Velvet Rose, Panic Room

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No New Posts Emerald Circle
In the South, the Kotelis Malam Tribe resides in a gated community with several duplex-style townhouses that range from 1-3 bedrooms with on and off street parking. The community house is located in the center and there is a community pool. There are several of gardens and the land is well kept up. The complex is close to the woods for rituals and hunting. No trespassing without permission.

2 10 Feb 21 2017, 02:31 PM
In: A fresh start
By: Chloe Macrae

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No New Posts Public Services
Hospitals, law enforcement, Fire departments, social services, etc around Chicago.

CPD HeadquartersFBI DivisionHospitals

Subforums: Hospitals, CPD Headquarters, FBI Chicago Division

2 13 Feb 16 2017, 02:33 PM
In: It's Just a Scratch
By: Phoebe Lebou
No New Posts Residential
Homes and apartments around Chicago.Fill out a request for a board.
1 1 Feb 10 2017, 04:58 AM
In: Facing The Storm
By: Nicolette Hannigan
No New Posts Woods & Forest Preserves
All around Chicago there is heavily wooded areas where one can do things in secret. If looking for something else, the forest preserves around Chicago offers trails for biking and walking, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

1 7 Feb 19 2017, 02:11 PM
In: Stuck
By: Ikarus Adler
No New Posts Outside of Chicago
Business? Vacation? Visiting? We all have to leave the city some time.
2 8 Feb 21 2017, 03:41 PM
In: Eloquent Elopement
By: Nathaniel Thomas

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Past, Future, & Alternative
Threads that take place in the past or far in the future are stored here along with alternative worlds and realities.
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No New Posts Questions & Suggestions
Any questions that you have about lore, rules, world, etc and any suggestions you might have for helping us improve the site, feel free to post here.Guest friendly.

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No New Posts Chat, Games, Away, & Etc.
Play, play play! We love to here from you guys so don't be shy and say hi! Participate in some of the games if you'd like! Or even leave an away message if need to.

Away Messages

Subforums: Away Messages

5 14 Aug 2 2016, 12:11 AM
In: Pokemon Go
By: Mystic
No New Posts Advertisement
All advertisements go here. Please make sure you are posting in the correct forum. Thank you. Guest friendly.

AffiliateIF/Jcink FirstPB/Zetaboards FirstOther FirstAll Link Backs

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1750 682 Yesterday at 11:42 pm
In: Tighten The Handcuffs (jcink)
By: Paige
No New Posts Archives
Archived threads, characters, extras, etc. will be placed here.

Rest In PeaceAnnouncementsOOC

Subforums: Rest In Peace, Announcements, OOC, Extras, BCD, Site wide plots

398 2482 Feb 20 2017, 10:15 AM
In: hospital
By: Dalibor Kovac
No New Posts Trash Can
Deleted posts will be found here.
Subforums: Businesses, Public Services, Residential, Streets/Everywhere Else

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